Friday, June 14, 2019

WonderPark DVD Giveaway!

With school out for the summer, WONDER PARK on Digital* and Blu-ray Combo Pack offers a wealth of entertainment and activities to get kids’ imaginations soaring with singing, drawing, and more!   The fun-filled bonus content gives viewers the chance to sing along with June and her friends, learn how to draw Boomer and the Wonder Chimps, watch Gus the Beaver yodel his heart out, make crazy noises like voiceover artists, and take a tour of Wonderland.

WONDER PARK is the story of a young girl named June with a big imagination who makes an incredible discoverythe amusement park of her dreams has come to life. Filled with the world’s wildest rides operated by fun-loving animals, the excitement never ends. But when trouble hits, June and her misfit team of furry friends begin an unforgettable journey to save the park. Action-packed and brimming with laughs, WONDER PARK is a ride the whole family will love.

The WONDER PARK Blu-ray Combo pack includes access to a Digital copy of the film as well as the following:  
• Feature film in high definition
• Bonus Content: 
Gus Yodeling – Deleted Scene
The Wonder Chimp Channel
The Pi Song Sing-Along
Making Noises (It’s Actually a Job?!!)
June’s Guide to Wonderland
June’s Welcoming Crew
Boardwalk Caricatures:
▪ Drawing Boomer
▪ Drawing the Wonder Chimp Pirate
▪ Drawing the Wonder Chimp Princess
• Feature film in standard definition

Win this fun filled DVD plus a huggable Boomer for your little wonder! All you gotta do is comment down below what you are most looking forward to this summer! :) 

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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Family Fun at Sesame Place!

Summer is officially here, and we are not dreading the cold, at all. We do however had many awesome memories from all the fun we had last year to  look forward to this year. We did so much last summer, and we were able to do many things I once did as a child myself. Having children is a wonderful experience, and I believe what makes it so magical is that its basically like you are re living your very own childhood at the same time as building theirs. When I was my boys ages my parents always put a lot of effort into making our summers memorable, and taking us to places we would always be able to remember and share with others. Till this day I can go on and on about all the summer memories I have with my cousins, and family friends from camping to water rides, to rollercoasters. So many first times were made during these memories which made it even more of a life changing event I always remember. 

I remember being six years old when we first headed out to go camping on a campground in Pennsylvania, and my parents had lined up a jam packed yet very exciting itinerary for our full week stay. Right dab in the middle of it we were going to go check out Sesame Place for the first time ever, and we all had no idea this first time would end up becoming a annual event for our family. I was not a big fan of Sesame Street around that time, but I did of course know all of the characters, especially since at the time my little brother was around 3 years old, and he absolutely loved all things Sesame Street. It was going to be a great time, and I was so happy to be able to enjoy it with not only my mom, dad, and brother, but also with my cousin and my childhood best friend. As soon as we got there we checked out the map and knew it was going to be a action packed day.

The memories I made through out my childhood at Sesame Place were amazing, and I have shared many of them with both of my boys now. When me and dad were talking about summer spots we would like to take them to it was no doubt that Sesame Place was on the top five, as dad himself had very fond memories from his childhood as well. They were amazed at the fact that this place still existed, because I am that old to them. I remember our first time there they asked me if I was their age at that exact spot they were standing in years before, and it hit me that the possibility of that is VERY possible. As a NY kid we are able to take a mini vacation from the crazy city life, and enjoy a place like Sesame Place that will always have us feeling like we are actually in a whole new world. It was time for me to make new memories with my children, and re live my childhood in their eyes!

There was so much they loved about Sesame Place, but I think the Lazy River was a huge huge hit for both of them. They cant agree on much these days but on this their was no doubts. They loved the fact that they could be in water and just relax, but then there were parts where they could get fully soaked under sprinklers of water. I remember this was one of my favorite parts as a child as well. We also loved how convenient it was to grab a kids meal for lunch in the very spacious Elmo's Eatery. The cute memorabilia plates and cups that come in the kids meal was great too, and we still use them at home till this day.

Elmos Cloud Chaser was a big hit as well. Caleb who was four years old, really loved it because it was the perfect ride for his age, a tad bit on the wild side, but not too wild where it would scare him. Jace who was seven years old braved the Vapor Trail, and I could tell how much he loved it because he could not stop saying how awesome it was, and made him feel. Lately he has been a huge rollercoaster fan! This was his first of many, and the perfect introductory ride for him. As a family we all rode the Blast OFF attraction ride, and we had such a fun time screaming together while blasting up real slow, and blasting down REAL fast! It was such a great time as we all four got to sit all together for this one.

It was the perfect summer for us and Sesame Place really made it a great family adventure for all of us, no matter what age. They both are already expecting to go this summer so this momma has gotta make it happen, again. I truly believe that Sesame Place will live on for a couple more years in our family because you really just cant grow old of it. I am a 32 year old women that has been going since I was 6 years old, and it still has the same magic as it did on my first visit. So here's to many more summers with our furry friends that give us bright sunny days!

- We were invited as guest for the day to visit in exchange for a review, but as always all opinions are 100% honest, and of our own!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Adventure awaits at Pips Island!

NYC is filled with so many amazing things to do with your children, and it boggles my mind that people can still come up with more ideas for families to enjoy. When I heard about Pips Island I just knew that it was something we had to try out! I was skeptical I must say, and I was so worried that it wouldn’t be as great as we expected it to be. But Thank you Pip & Friends because till this day both of my boys cannot stop talking about it. They told their teachers, their friends, and the grandparents ALL about their fun adventure on Pips Island - and let me tell you.. as they are explaining the fun, people swear up and down that we actually left NYC and went to a fun family getaway when in reality it was a show right in the middle of busy Time Square just blocks from our home. They keep reminding me that we just HAVE to go back and help Pip again rescue the island, and that’s on our summer bucket list! 

Pips Island is an immersive theatrical adventure designed for kids ages 4 to 10 years old. I was worried that it would be too much for my five year old or too boring for my seven year old but they both enjoyed it at the same level, where they both were able to do all of it without it being too scary for them as well.  My little one gets a little shy here and there when he’s gotta do things alone but he was very excited when he had to get tasks done to help out. They made it very simple yet fun for all the children. Parents do not fully participate but are kept at arms reach so that children can still see them but can also be independent as they work with the other children. Every room is a different part of the journey and something new to learn. You have to find clues, and put things together to get to the very end. It was a bit like an escape room for kids kind of feel, but even better!

When I asked Caleb, my little one what his favorite part was he said THE MOLES! Which of course we couldn't leave without getting him a mole friend to cuddle with at home. Jace, my oldest said that his favorite part was solving all the clues in each room and learning about Pips Island. He really enjoyed it and asked of course to buy the book they sell all about the show, and extra details about Pips Island. He loved reading all about it, and then sharing it at show and tell at school. He made each child in that classroom want to take on an adventure at Pips Island too!

Its a must see show for all ages if you are in the NYC area. I can't believe how magical they made it into, and the best part of it all is your child walks out of that show feeling brave, happy, and proud of themselves. It really was a fun thing to watch as my children not only watched a show but were part of the show as well. Maybe next time we go we will see you there! :)

For tickets go to :

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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Balance is B.S Book Review

They want women to work as if they don't have children, and parent as if we don't work. I read this quote not that long ago, and it really sparked my thoughts in so many ways.  I have always worked during my time as being a mom. I did however spend a couple months during my maternity leave time with Caleb, and it was such a great feeling to just bond with my newborn. I loved every minute of it, but at the same time I knew I couldn't possibly do it for a couple years. When I received the book Balance is B.S - How to have a By Tamara Loehr I was very skeptical, because I have read tons of books that are for working moms because I have always struggled with it one way or another. Also lets face it, Balance is SERIOUSLY B.S because it took me a couple months to get it together and find the time to even read this book, as much as I loved it. While working a full time job, going back to school, being part of my sons school PTA, being a full time mom to two adventurous boys, and blogging/ working with different companies I don't have any balance at all, and I just find time for things when it is a good time for it. So this book really did speak to me, and it gave me the confidence I needed to just keep going, and find out ways to make things run just a tad bit smoother, and when it doesn't I know that I do not have to beat myself up about it, and just breathe.

Many companies and employers just don't understand and take into consideration that most women are care takers in one way or another and it is our hardest job. It speaks about that - but it also speaks about the pressures of what you believe others are thinking about you as a working mother - what your spouse may make you feel about it, because lets face it here in this day and age most working women are now the head of household bread winners, and that most definitely takes a shift in your marital duties/ issues, whether good or bad. I like how in the book it shares it all and kind of looks into all the areas of your life where being a working woman can make or break you sometimes, whether you are a mom or not - or a married or single woman as well so this is not just based off one specific woman. It also speaks for woman who are working for big corporations, or working for themselves as their own boss, because no matter where you earn your money it still has many ties and  barriers that you run into as a working woman trying to do it all.

Many books about working mothers just gives you facts, and tells you ways to balance your life out - knowing damn right that its just impossible. But this one helps you blend it out so you can do it all without dragging yourself down to deep end, while feeling good about you and your life. I loved that it was also very interactive in a sense that I could jot thoughts down, and it gave me things to ponder about during my read. I would highly recommened it to all my hard working slay mommas out there, because we all need to feel good doing what we do on a regular basis and this book is the best pick me up after a long day of work!

Pick up your own copy now:

- This book was sent to me by WILEY for reviewing purposes, but all opinions are 100% honest and all of my own!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Free Tickets for The NY Baby Show 2019!

The 2019 New York Baby Show, on May 18 & 19 at Pier 94 will once again be the largest show for new and expectant parents in the country. Now in its 9th year, no other event provides a better experience for thousands of expectant and new families from New York and neighboring counties, seeking a family-friendly jamboree of top brands, great speakers and seminars, big giveaways, and lots of learning, support, bonding, and fun as you make your way into parenthood. We are giving away tickets for you and your family to experience the show. See below for details… etc. Normal ticket price is $30 per family (for 2 adults and up to 4 children), and $20 per individual. 

Thank you to MomTrends I have 25 free tickets to give away!

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TheaterWorks Presents The Magic School Bus: Lost In The Solar System

If you know anything at all about me you know that my love for literature is HUGE. It always has been, so when I had my children I made sure they would understand my passion for it, and hopefully feel the same way about it as I did. I did it guys. They are SO into anything literature. They love to read, be read to, and watch movies of books they have read just to say that the book was better! So much like momma. 

When we got an invite for The Magic School Bus: Lost In the Solar System by TheaterWorks at BMCC I knew it would be an epic morning they would really enjoy... because who doesn't love Ms. Frizzle and all of her wildness. We actually own this book and have read it plenty of times, to the point where they know exactly what is going to happen next. So we are thrilled to watch a live musical show of it.  I am sure it will leave us at the edge of our seats. It's like my childhood dreams are about to come true, and I will be flying on the magic school bus into Outer Space. 

When the class gets lost on the way to the planetarium, Ms. Frizzle saves the day by blasting into outer space for an epic interplanetary field trip!  But when rivalries both old and new threaten to tear the students apart, our young heroes must learn to pull together or risk getting forever lost in the solar system.
Hop on the Magic School Bus for a ride in this new musical adaptation based on the original book series published by Scholastic.

When: Sat Mar 23, 2019
Time: 11:00am

Approximate Running Time: 60 Minutes
Recommended Ages: Grades K through 5

Get your tickets NOW, at

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Puss In Boots at The Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre

We are huge fans of the shows that go on at The Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre in Central Park. We went to one just this past summer, and the boys still talk about it till this day. They can't wait to make it to another one of their shows soon, and I believe this one is a must see. The boys love the classic fairytale that I have read them many times before, so they are excited to see how this one will be like!

Presented by City Parks Foundation, Puss in Boots will be making it’s first appearance at the cottage and bringing a fun twist to the classic children’s fairy tale!  Opening March 19th and running through September 22nd!

Puss in Boots is the story of two friends - Fergus Mundingle and his sly cat Puss - who are tired of their dull and penniless lifestyle. Looking for a change, Puss dons a snazzy pair of boots and sets off on a magical journey, proving himself a caring friend willing to help at any cost.

The show will captivate audience members of all ages beginning Tuesday, March 19th through September 22nd. A full list of show dates and tickets are available at