Friday, August 18, 2017

Roots CoffeeBar & Cafe - Our trip to Wisconsin Part One.

I found a little place that felt like home ... but it's more like a two-hour plane ride.

We went on our first real family vacation this summer to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We have gone on vacations nearby like Philly, Pensylvania, New Jersey, Atlantic City. Everything that is pretty much at a driving distance. So it was kind of a big deal! I have so much to share from our trip but I am going to do a different post for each place we really enjoyed during our stay there.

First stop. Roots Coffee bar & Cafe. It was everything I have always wanted in a coffee shop, that you just can't possibly find out here in NYC. It was spacious, lively, and had so much variety - from coffee to juices, to breakfast and lunch. Even a kids menu - now that's golden for any momma who enjoys coffee. I was able to enjoy a coffee and a salad, while the boys sat at the kids table, coloring and eating their pizza and mac and cheese. I would call that heaven!

After we ate we decided to go sit in one of their cozy sections on a couch overlooking the space. They had reading material and outlets all over the place. Perfect space to get some work done if necessary. If only they had a place like this by my home - it was every blogger's dream come true area. Not a loud, overcrowded Starbucks like we are all used to in the city. It truly gave me One Tree Hill - Karens Cafe vibes, and I was loving every minute of it.

Their coffee was perfection, and their food was AMAZING. Usually, in NYC it is one or the other. My little picky eaters loved it all from the waffles they ate one morning, to the pizza they had once during lunch hours. I wanted to try just about everything on their menu but the first time we went I tried their chicken caesar salad which had just the right amount of everything in it, and then the second time around I tried their "The Who" Wrap ( Chicken salad, mixed greens, avocados and tomato on a wheat wrap) --- It was even better than I expected it to taste.

This family friendly coffee shop was opened by owners Heidi and Hilary. They always had a vision of opening up their own coffee shop because they liked the community feel that it brings to a town. They wanted a safe place for people to be able to meet and spend quality time together. They opened the shop in 2011 and since then have been around helping people make lasting memories. In 2015 they received The Women in Business Leadership award from the Oconomowoc Chamber of Commerce for their commitment to the city.

On this gloomy and wet day in NYC sitting in my living room writing this I truly am missing me some Roots coffee and comfort. Hoping to soon return on a trip out there, just so I can return to the coffee shop I have always visioned in my head as THE perfect coffee shop.


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