Thursday, April 5, 2018

Kids Dental Care with Kenson Kids & Brush Buddies

My children are stubborn. Terribly stubborn, and I will just say they don’t get it from me of course. They will argue with me over the smallest thing even if they are fully aware that I am right. It’s a tough pill to swallow especially during the bed time routine when this tired momma just wants to get some much needed rest after a long day. Bath time feels like I’m on a water ride at Splish Splash, and getting them into their PJs feels like a hour long wrestling match I didn’t even sign up for. So when we finally make it to the horrid time of teeth brushing I brace myself for the mayhem that’s about to go down. As soon as I say it’s time to brush teeth, all hell breaks loose up in here. My neighbors most likely believe I am torturing them every night before bed because that’s how real their squeals of help are. I knew I needed to make this part of our day enjoyable for them somehow, and easier for me so I wouldn’t down right lose all sanity I have left. 

When I met Kenson Kids at an event not long ago I knew I had to stop and check out all of their easy parenting products. I was ecstatic to see a company that wanted to help make the hardest job in the world a tad easier on us! You know I am all about finding products that will give us a helping hand at creating a peaceful space in our chaotic kid life. That is exactly what Kenson Kids did for me when I started using their “ I Can Do it!” Brush My Teeth Reward Chart. A tooth brushing chart for kids. It helps them understand the importance of brushing twice a day and gives them more of a reason to do it when you gain a reward at the end of the week. Their chart takes the struggle out of brushing and helps stop the constant reminders. Very simple and practical for any age, and they love that they can add the star to the chart on their very own.

 My kids look forward to doing it every morning and night ! It has been very helpful and I love that it promotes good habits which you know are a lot easier to instill in them when they are still young. They have a huge variety of reward charts that can help with just about everything you can think of. Make your life easier and go order some of your own charts at Target, Amazon or

We also received some super cool Pez Emoji tooth brushes from Brush Buddies! They look like real deal Pez candy dispensers, and I love how they stand up like a Pez dispenser would do. You can press the button and up pops the emoji head. If only our tooth brushes were this fun when I was younger, I would have definitely loved brushing them daily. Because what kid doesn’t love Emojis now a days. Brush Buddies have also came out with other lines like Peppa Pig, Thomas and Friends, Shopkins, and Jojo! You can grab your own super cool Brush Buddies at, or I was able to find some at my local Duane Reade pharmacy. 

Dental care is a big deal, and just as important as your every day health so we must show our children that it is necessary to make it a top priority. These two products have made it such a fun part of our day, and has allowed my children to be more responsible for their own dental health. This momma right here can rest assured knowing they will have beautiful pearly whites every single day thanks to Kenson Kids and Brush Buddies. 


  1. Thank you for the kind words! -Kenson Kids

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